It’s a good time to be an event planner. You have a lot of options for where to host a meeting, and hotel companies know it. So they roll out the red carpet, catering to your wants and needs. Which is great; but Marriott Hotels no longer thinks it’s enough.    

“It’s a given that when you’re working with an event planner, you want to make their job easier and more efficient”, says Andrew Moffett, Meetings Expert at Marriott Hotels. “But to create a truly successful meeting, we have to do more than that.”

So what does make a meeting successful? Michael Cubbage, Principal at Meeting Contractors, LLC, believes an event is only as good as the meeting guests find it to be.  “In my years planning events, the best ones were those that kept the attendees engaged and interested from start to finish.” 

It’s this insight of how attendees behave that Marriott Hotels has embraced with their new meeting offering, called [email protected]. “We’ve created tools and experiences that focus on the meeting attendee, in addition to the planner”, says Andrew Moffett. “Whether the meeting is big or small, our goal is to keep them connected and empowered in ways they’ve never been before.” 

These tools include Mobile Requests, a new feature on the Marriott Mobile app that lets attendees chat directly with a dedicated host from their mobile device. “It can be hard for attendees to focus when they have other things on their mind”, says Moffett. “With Mobile Requests, we connect them with a host who can check on their dry cleaning or make sure the valet knows when to bring their car up, so they can stay invested in the meeting.” 

Marriott Hotels offers services dedicated to assisting meeting planners, which allow them to remain focused on their attendees. Through the Red Coat program, planners can make any request by working with one of Marriott Hotels’ event experts, either in person or through its innovative high tech app. “It’s important we empower the planner to connect with us how and when they need to”, asserts Moffett.  “When they can stay focused on their meeting experience, it keeps their attendees more engaged as well.”  

So how do planners feel about this new approach?  Michael Cubbage, for one, is a fan. “It takes some of the pressure off me to keep them happy. If they leave talking about how great a meeting was, I know it’s been a success.”

It’s a good time to be an event planner. But thanks to Marriott Hotels, it’s an even better time to be an attendee. 

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