3 Exciting Themes for Your Meeting

Themes let you set a transformative scene—sometimes even better than the real thing.

Want to celebrate summer in winter? Or maybe evoke a “from the farm” feel in the center of the city? It all begins with the scene.

From the type of food on your menu to the decor and technology you use, you can transport your guests to another place without ever leaving the room. Here are three of our favorite ideas to get you started.

Farm to Table

Take the boardroom to the country by creating a rustic atmosphere for attendees. Try a decor that evokes a visit to a farmers market, incorporating wooden crates and apple carts to serve snacks, chalkboard signs to list the meeting’s agenda or lunch options, and plenty of foliage to bring the outdoors in.

Design a menu brimming with farm-fresh ingredients, putting energizing vegetable dishes front and center to keep attendees focused while enjoying the atmosphere.

By the time you’re through with setting the scene, they’ll forget they’re not really in the country.

Take It to the Beach

No matter the time of year, a visit to the beach is something everyone craves. Go tropical with palm trees, or evoke the warm beaches of the Carolinas with cattails and soft sand. Trim your ballroom in string lights, and make use of technology to create a serene atmosphere with the sounds and sights of rolling waves.

Set your tables with centerpieces of seashells and sand, or go bright and bold for a flavor of the islands with redolent tropical flowers. Reflect the locale you most want to emulate in your menu, selecting popular regional dishes. After all of your detailed planning, guests will wonder whether they’ve signed up for a meeting or a vacation.


If your desire is to bring the big city to your big meeting, achieve an urban vibe by evoking the atmosphere of a city street.

Use street signs as props to direct guests to their proper meeting rooms, offer guide maps with useful information for the event, and hire “street performers” for atmospheric entertainment.

Delight guests with tasty offerings served from food trucks (real or designed, like the one pictured). Then prepare for an experience your participants will be talking about for a long time to come!