How do you keep attendees engaged throughout an event? By engaging their senses.

3 Ideas for Multisensory Events

How do you keep attendees engaged throughout an event? By engaging their senses.

A recent survey released by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events at IMEX America revealed that although 78 percent of event professionals feel that multisensory events create better attendee experiences, only 27 percent believe that all five senses are being used effectively in meetings.

Sight is believed to be the most widely used, through elements such as visual effects and light projections, while smell and touch are the least likely to be used during an event. But how can planners engage more senses during an event? Here are a few ideas.


Strong Focal Points

Colorful lighting, audio/video components and plush furniture can heighten attendees’ senses of sight, sound and feel. To keep guests focused through the event, consider using scents that promote concentration, such as lemon, cinnamon and peppermint. Even better, make those ingredients central to snacks served during the event to simultaneously enhance taste and smell. 


Active Meetings

Stability balls are a great solution for keeping attendees active during an event. They also provide a different texture from the ones participants likely feel with traditional meeting chairs. Keep the energy going with background music, especially baroque melodies, and energy-boosting foods, such as trail mix, spicy chickpeas, or vegetables and hummus. The scent of citrus also is energizing, so consider serving orange-infused water.  


Playful Parties

Lights and sounds are a given for parties and celebrations, but you can add touch by using playful elements such as the props or life-sized games featured at this Queen of Hearts-inspired event. Use taste and smell to play up a theme as well, whether through the scent of freshly cut grass or candy canes.