Maximize your marketing efforts with these key strategies to reach the masses on social media.

3 Quick Social Media Tricks That Can Make a Big Impact

Maximize your marketing efforts with these key strategies to reach the masses on social media.

With 1.49 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a hotbed for marketing opportunities, especially with the introduction of its new full-ad features. As for other social platforms, Twitter boasts an impressive 304 million active monthly users and has expanded its global advertising options, Pinterest is now offering promoted pins for marketers to reach its 100 million users, and Instagram has expanded its advertising availability to include companies in 30 countries, rather than a preselected group of brands. 


These platforms are essential tools for any event marketer. But even if you don’t have the time to create a dedicated campaign, there are simple tactics you should try to help promote your function. Business 2 Community recommends the following solutions for getting the word out quickly and easily.

  1. Post early and often. Promotions should start from one to three months ahead of the occasion to start generating organic buzz about it. Make sure you’re using appropriate hashtags and @ mentioning relevant parties and influencers to make promotions easy to find. Also, consider sending influencers a personalized invitation as a way to build relationships and boost interest in the event.
  2. Promote details about the event. Content really is king, so generate excitement about your upcoming conference or meeting by teasing different aspects of it. Share details such as keynote speakers and topics, or contests being held, and create dedicated social media branding and hashtags that connect teasers to the gathering.
  3. Make everyone wish they were there. From images of swag to videos or snapshots of the event itself, highlight key items and share content with those who are able to attend — and make those who missed out seriously consider registering for the next function.  


Social media also provide ample data for marketers to track so they can see what worked and what didn’t. Pay attention to the people who are talking about the event — and what conversations were occurring before, during and after it — to gauge the successes and misses. This in turn will help with your planning for future events.