3 Reasons to Use Fireworks at Your Next Event

End your meeting on a high note with an illuminating fireworks display

Looking for a way to celebrate big? Commemorate your event with a fireworks show. 

Sure, Fourth of July might be over, but fireworks and their dazzling light displays have been used to mark special occasions for centuries. 

In fact, many historians believe that fireworks have a history dating back to second century B.C. ancient China. The first firecrackers are thought to have been made using bamboo stalks that, when heated, exploded loudly after the hollow air pockets in the bamboo overheated. One of the Mandarin words for firecracker, baozhu, even translates to “exploding bamboo.” 

Fast-forward to the 21st century: Although modern fireworks are no longer made from bamboo stems, many holidays, festivals and other celebrations aren’t complete without an illuminating end to the day. 

Other than a festive way to cap off an event, here are three reasons why planners should include a fireworks show at their next event:

1. Fireworks provide entertainment.

An event agenda that fizzles out can lead to a planner’s worst nightmare: a nonmemorable end to an otherwise well-planned event. To keep attendees entertained for the duration of the meeting, consider a fireworks show to top off the night. Not only will it make guests more likely to stick around, but the awe-inspiring display will also ensure that the meeting goes off with a memorable bang, so to speak. 

2. Fireworks are a great way to leverage your destination.

Hosting a meeting in a city with a jaw-dropping skyline? Use the view as a backdrop for the fireworks show. Particularly for events that require attendees to be inside most of the day, it’ll give destination newcomers the chance to see the locale outside of the venue’s four walls. 

3. Fireworks bring attendees together.

By nature, large events with the guest lists to match often require attendees to be spread throughout the venue, usually at different sessions. While appropriate for some meetings, an open layout or flexible agenda can result in missed networking opportunities or the inability to catch up with friends or colleagues. Although a fireworks show isn’t the quietest place to get to chatting, it can work to bring guests together in one central place, where they can meet up before or after the light show.

So, ready to light up the sky?