3 Things to Note When Considering a Mobile Event App

Mobile meeting apps are popular—but does your meeting need one? We’ll help you answer that question.

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular at meetings, events and multiday conferences. But how do you know if you should spend the time, effort and money on creating a mobile app? Here are some things to consider.

Tech-Savvy Attendees

Research from January suggests that 58 percent of American adults have a smartphone, and the majority of those owners are between 18 and 49. So what does this mean for your meeting?

Before committing to an event app for your event, make sure the attendee demographics are in line with the smartphone user demographics. For a meeting likely to draw a younger, more tech-savvy crowd, a mobile app could be a good investment. A meeting more apt to attract an older, more traditional audience might not need it.

Get Green

Are you aiming to host an environmentally friendly meeting? If so, a meeting app might help your cause. With an event app, you can avoid printing agendas, handouts and maps.

The app also comes in handy when the schedule changes. Instead of having to print revised agendas, you can just make the change in the mobile app—less hassle and no waste.

Evaluate Your Resources 

Last, but not least, do you have adequate resources to purchase, conceptualize and maintain a mobile event app? Of course, event apps can be a significant budget item, but consider asking event sponsors or partners to fund the app in return for advertising on it and branding at the event.