3 Ways Drones Can Make Your Celebrate or Network Meeting Soar

CES 2017 featured drones for work, play and everything in between. Here are 3 ways to integrate flying machines into your event.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, you couldn’t get far from the buzz around drones—literally. Whether they were revolutionizing the standard selfie or providing new and innovative heat-mapping solutions for search-and-rescue teams, it’s clear that drones are leading the pack when it comes to the future of technology.

And as you plan your next big celebratory or networking gathering, there’s no reason your event shouldn’t fly with the drone trend, too. Here are three fun, unique ways to incorporate the soaring, whizzing gadgets.

Standout Seflies

When it comes to social networking events, there’s no better way to build camaraderie (and incite a few laughs among the crowd) than setting up a fun photo booth. But with the help of aerial drones, that photo booth automatically becomes mobile––and a whole lot more dynamic.

One of the hottest drones on display at the CES 2017 gathering was the Hover Camera Passport, a flying camera that records moments in 13-megapixel photos and video. The device connects to Wi-Fi and is controlled via a smartphone app (Android and iPhone are supported), allowing users to easily follow attendees and capture them in the moment, paparazzi-style.

Another bonus? Spotting the drone while it’s snapping a pic is an instant icebreaker for attendees who might not know one another.

Lighting the Night Sky (or Ceiling)

Late last year, Intel-powered aerial drones lit the night sky at Disney World. While illuminating your outdoor (or indoor) event with hundreds of tiny (and somewhat costly) flying devices might not seem feasible, there are other, equally magical ways to visually incorporate drones into your display.

Consider darkening your room (or holding your event at night, should it be outdoors) and sending three to six illuminated drones above the crowd. Even if that illumination comes from camera flashes, it’s still bound to be a sight.

Drone Deliveries

From Amazon to UPS, drones are poised to revolutionize the package-delivery process. While you won’t likely be hauling giant parcels to and from your event via drones, there are ways to incorporate that general idea in fun, unexpected ways––especially when it comes to gift giving.

From gift-wrapped presents to floral bouquets to pamphlets and brochures, try using human-operated drones to deliver takeaways to attendees. Just ensure that the drones are structurally equipped to carry the necessary weight.