3 Ways to Make Live Entertainment Participatory

Entertaining ways to engage attendees.

Want to take your meeting to a new level, a more engaged level? Integrate live entertainment. And not just any performance—we’re talking something that involves your attendees.

Numerous studies have shown the effects that interactive activities have on learning, and the results are quite positive. If you want to be sure that your guests go home with a strong understanding of the message of your event—whether the intent is to Celebrate, Educate or Ideate—we have some engaging ways to achieve your goal while also entertaining the crowd.

Make It Musical

Live Music

That jingle you can’t get out of your head? It sticks for a reason. Apply that same principle to your Promote or Educate meeting, and your message will be sung like do-re-mi. It the structure of a song that helps with memory, according to Dr. Henry L. Roediger III, a professor of psychology at the Memory Lab at Washington University in St. Louis.

Whether you come up with an original tune or change the words to a popular hit, an infectious song will drive your lesson, brand message or story home—long after the event has concluded.

Game On

Board Game Break

There’s nothing wrong with holding an ordinary brainstorming session; a meeting of the minds gathered ’round the table, sharing ideas and turning them into actions. But it’s often easy for the idea well to run dry, and that’s where a game comes in. Games reduce pressure, which in turn helps people learn and be willing to participate.

Keep your guests engaged with a lineup of activities designed to keep the creative juices flowing: charades, a rollicking old school game of Telephone (themed to your meeting’s purpose) or a themed game of Scrabble. By incorporating a theme in these games, you’ll challenge minds focus attendees on the task at hand.

Shop Local Talent

Local Painting Talent

From artists and musicians to comedians and acrobats, looping in local entertainment is a great way to incorporate homegrown talent into the success of your meeting:

1. Use storytellers to act out a presentation, engaging guests with a play while simultaneously training them.

2. Put attendees at the center of a comedic act, celebrating your company and having a little fun with the business’ culture.

3. Have a local artist literally paint a picture of the ideas your team has generated.

Whatever the purpose of your meeting, there isn’t an angle that the right talent can’t fill.