4 CES Standouts Worth a Second Look

This year’s CES provides insight on the tech gadgets that will shape the future.

It’s that time of year again—the CES—when the world gets a peek at tomorrow’s gadgets and gizmos that just might change the way we live (and the events we plan). Here are four especially promising contraptions we saw.

Flying High

Drones continue to be all the rage, and the Hover Camera Passport is a flying camera in a class of its own. It’s an autonomous flying camera that can record your travel moments in 13-megapixel photos and 4K video. There’s no controller for this drone; you use your Android or iPhone to navigate it via Wi-Fi. There’s also a follow-me mode, so it can be with you no matter where you go. Think of it as personal paparazzi. 

Playing With Emotions 

Beyond Verbal is an emotions analytics company looking to help change the way people’s emotions and health are monitored, by listening to the human voice. Beyond Verbal says it has proved that voice markers can provide insight into the inner workings of human beings, and the company has recently found a significant connection between vocal biomarkers and coronary artery disease.

The company is also developing an emotions analytics system for artificial intelligence machines, and the startup’s technology gives machines emotional understanding and the emotional capacity to interact with us as humans. At CES 2017, the company demonstrated its MoodCall app, where users could monitor how they felt during phone calls and understand which emotions they were conveying, with the ultimate purpose of learning how to control them. Imagine if you could gauge an attendee’s positive or negative reactions to your meeting through an app!


Taking Charge 

Humavox is looking to solve the “where do I find a place to plug in?” conundrum with a line of innovative tech items, including a backpack that charges any gadgets placed in it. With Humavox’s “drop and charge” near-field radio-frequency technology installed, any wearable or connected device can be dropped into any compatible 3-D container and charged seamlessly, without worrying about placement. Talk about a cutting-edge takeaway gift!

Cool Clicks

It seems no matter a person’s age or background, everyone loves a Polaroid camera. In celebration of Polaroid’s 80th birthday, the brand is releasing​ Polaroid Pop, an instant digital camera that’s slim, portable and produces classic 3-by-4-inch prints.