4 Cringe-Free Valentine’s Day Event Ideas

The Classy Way to Do Valentine’s Day Décor

Come Feb. 14, there seem to be two types of people: Those who dangle pastel heart cutouts throughout their cubicles, blare romantic playlists on Spotify and dive face-first into a box of chocolates. And the others who can’t wait until the second they can sprint home, order greasy takeout and fire up a bloody horror flick.  

Truth is, any event your organization holds throughout the first weeks of February will bring forth both types of people. So how do you entertain each? Here, we share four understated Valentine’s Day-themed ideas for your next event. 

Red Streak  

Red is the original statement color, so to pay homage to Valentine’s Day (and the color itself), why not choose a single, central item in your meeting room to make all-red? We suggest cloth table covers, so the splash of red is front and center (but not obnoxious). 

Rouge-Infused Cocktails

To help numb the pain (so to speak) for those spending Valentine’s Day alone, why not infuse reds and pinks into the booze? Cosmos, kir royals, Singapore slings, sangrias or anything with Campari will do the trick.

All-Red Everything 

While the notion of an all-red Valentine’s Day-themed event might make you cringe, there are several ways to ensure the room looks classy rather than kitschy. Opt for a bolder, darker red on chairs, tablecloths and napkins to give the room a luxurious, royal feel.  

Rosé-Colored Glasses 

On Valentine’s Day, not everyone will receive a rose. But they can certainly have rosé. Try entertaining your guests with a rosé tasting station, complete with different vintners and vintages. The Kitchn offers some great tips for your own testing setup, including bottle suggestions to get you and your guests started.