4 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fun Games for Attendees

Help guests unwind and boost interaction by adding fun games to your event.

Despite meeting planner’s best intent, some meetings can be dull, monotonous and uninteresting. You can dress up the space and feature great food, but without any time for fun, attendees can end up feeling stir crazy and a little bored.

Add some excitement to the meeting — while still encouraging networking — by adding games. Before you go out and buy a million board games, make sure you follow these four tips to ensure that they benefit — rather than detract from — your meeting goals and purposes.

Make sure games fit the group. Understanding your audience is key to choosing appropriate games. For example, feature electronic or mobile games for meetings with web developers or social media savvy professionals. Try problem-solving games like Jenga for a meeting of program managers. Knowing your group is key to making sure they get the most out of the break and the networking opportunities.


Feature a variety of games. Not everyone likes the same thing, so make sure you feature a wide variety of games to interest and engage all your attendees. Encourage networking and team building by featuring games that require many players. In addition, feature both hands-on games (like Rubik’s Cube, puzzles and board games) with virtual and electronic games (like apps and interactive experiences) to appeal to attendees of all ages and interests. 


Have more traditional alternatives to games. Be sure to include traditional meeting room elements for those who don’t want to play. Some attendees may prefer to relax, check email and work during breaks, so make sure there’s a space that’s quiet and comfortable where they don’t feel stressed and pressured to play.


Take the games outside. Boost creativity, encourage networking and give attendees a much-needed dose of Vitamin D by setting up games outside. If the space allows, set up pool and foosball tables to get attendees’ blood pumping while they mingle. For more physically active games, set up volleyball courts, bocce ball or horseshoe pits.