4 Inspiring Event Ideas (and How to Implement Them)

Creative inspiration to propel your event from average to amazing

Drawing inspiration from our expert meeting planners, here are four surefire ways to transform ordinary events into inspired experiences. From innovative setups to simple props, here’s what you need to do to propel your event to the next level. 

Step 1: Use Innovative Setups 


There’s no hard-set rule that the stage should be rectangular or semicircular Round stages provide a better view and allow you to adjust the setup according to the time of day. Holding a jazz event or a cocktail party at night can transform the morning presentation stage into an intimate concert. 

Step 2: Add a Sparkle of Surprise 


Organizing different surprise performances throughout the conference is an effective way to keep attendees engaged. It also adds a “wow” element to an otherwise predictable business schedule. Will one of your attendees be celebrating a birthday or work anniversary? Go above and beyond by surprising the attendee with a cake or special present, like a concert or party. 

Step 3: Prop It Up 


To make the conference memorable, don’t be shy about enlisting the help of one or two props. They can help you make sessions more interactive, encourage attendees to snap a memory, or maybe even tell a story. Whether it’s by allowing attendees to show their emotions through signs (as pictured above) or fun ways to make cheer and make noise with clackers, these types of gizmos and gadgets can double as takeaways (with your branding, too!). 

Step 4: Put Session Breaks to Good Use 


Don’t let the time between the sessions go to waste. Set up fun booths and out-of-the-box food and beverage stations to keep your attendees entertained. Invite chefs to turn food into art or hold live cooking sessions educating guests on food sustainability. Guide them along an adventurous journey or spark the match of curiosity by creating fun experiences at these stations. 

Inspired by Marriott International’s, The Road Ahead Conference 2017, see these tips became a reality. 

Remember, success is never final!

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