4 Staples of a Compelling Event Description

When it comes to promoting a public event, words matter! Choose the right ones to build excitement.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to writing event descriptions, words are pretty important too! How you explain your event will help at least some people determine whether or not to attend.

Of course, the main details—where, when, what—are essential, but including additional, interesting specifics are what make an event appealing.

Consider these details when writing event descriptions, or pass these tips along to your marketing team, and you’ll make your next event a “must-attend.”

Social opportunities: Potential attendees want to know who will be at the gathering. List speakers and other honorary guests, along with their professional or educational affiliations, to make everyone aware of the networking opportunities your event will provide.

Incentives: Perhaps there is a perk or discount for registering or showing up early. Let possible attendees know! It can move people from thinking about registering to doing it as well as drive engagement at the event.

Charitable giving: In general, people like to be involved in events that serve a greater good. Will there be a fundraiser at the event? Is part of the registration fee going to a local charity? If so, include these details in your description.

Urgency: If there is a space or head count restriction, include these details in the description. Not only will attendees feel like the event is exclusive, but the limited availability will encourage potential guests to register or make plans to get there early.

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