4 Steps to Livelier Formal Meetings

Fancy gathering traditions might be holding your meeting back

White tablecloths. Excessive tableware. Dim lighting. They’re all hallmarks of a formal gathering—one that can often come off as serious, stuffy and dull. But there’s no place for “boring” in a planner’s world. To create an exciting formal meeting experience—with higher attendee participation to match—try:

1. Bringing up the lights.

Dim lighting is often used in formal settings to create an intimate ambience, but a darkened room can often hinder the attendee experience (and therefore your meeting purpose). For example, faint lighting at a fancy Promote event will make it harder for guests to view and engage with new products. Instead, bring up the lights a notch or two. You don’t have to go full-on fluorescent—just bright enough that attendees can easily see. For added elegance, use glamorous light fixtures or chandeliers to illuminate the room.  

2. Adding some color.

Black-tie events tend to shy away from bright hues. And though a neutral color palette can be elegant, a vivacious pop of color can be more stimulating to the eye—and play a big role in how your event is perceived. Where black invokes a more serious tone, color psychology dictates that blue, for example, tends to be a more social color, while red is bold and energetic. 

3. Making it interactive.

The easiest way to amp up energy at a formal event? Add elements that increase attendee participation, such as an interactive media wall or augmented reality technology.

4. Going for Instagram gold.

Take a hint from pop-up events: Instagrammable décor engages attendees and boosts your event’s social reach. So, step up your décor game with Instagram activation stations—in other words, photo booths and other decorative, immersive experiences that encourage guests to snap a picture and share your event on social.