4 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

Find out how the evolution of technology may change the landscape of events and consumer interaction.

Technology continues to become ingrained in many aspects of our lives through smartphones, health monitors, smart-home technology — you name it. And these tech trends aren’t going away anytime soon. Fjord recently released its top tech trends for 2016, some of which could have an incredible impact on the event and meetings industries. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Wearable tech. These devices can help planners and attendees alike put away the phone and receive only essential notifications. But wearable devices also compile a lot of data that companies may be able to translate into better service for wearable-tech users.

2. Atomized apps. Apps will become less platform-based and more service integrated. The focus, as Fjord says, will be on “interactions instead of transactions.” In the future, this could even include a commerce-connected car that allows the use to pay for everything from groceries to gas.

3. Virtual reality. Virtual meetings aren’t a new concept, but they could become more high tech, thanks to new consumer products that will begin hitting the market this year. Although many see gaming as the primary vehicle for this type of technology, virtual tourism is one concept that’s gaining ground, especially with products such as Google Cardboard available to test out locations before traveling.

4. Reduced decision-making. Services such as BarkBox and Stitch Fix are helping consumers cut down on the number of decisions they have to make. And IFTTT is automatically transferring files from one app to another to help with organization. The key, though, is not to oversimplify decisions but to curate information to provide the best selections. 

Other technology interests include employee experiences as well as engagement in civic action and access to luxury services. How do you see technology benefitting your events in the new year?