4 Tips for Keeping a Hybrid Meeting on Track

Find out how you can keep your hybrid meeting on track — and attendees engaged — with these tips.

Thanks to technology, hosting a meeting with both in-person and virtual attendees — also known as a hybrid meeting — is becoming commonplace, especially for big corporations with international hubs.

Hybrid meetings don’t just reduce costs and travel time, they also add value because they allow attendees to interact with a broader audience.

As beneficial as these types of meetings are, they can be rather difficult to run.

Follow these four tips so your hybrid meeting is both successful and productive.

Stick to a well-formatted agenda. This is a must for any meeting, but becomes even more important for hybrid meetings. With the added distraction of technology, attendees can quickly get sidetracked if the agenda is only loosely followed. Be sure the meeting runs on time and that the agenda is available and adaptable by posting it online or in a meeting app. This will also make it easier to ensure virtual speakers stay within their allotted time.


Communicate clearly with speakers. Make sure the speakers know well in advance that there will be online attendees and go over some best practices with them if they’ve never dealt with a virtual audience. It’s also important to ensure the speakers are comfortable — and give permission — to be video recorded.


Hire a moderator. This person will be the go-to between the online attendees, in-room attendees and the speaker during any Q&A portion. Since the speaker will be juggling questions from an in-person audience and a virtual one, it’s key to have someone directing questions and answers in an efficient manner. Plus, moderators can welcome guests, help with setups and make the communication as fluid as possible between all participants.


Adapt technology. This one seems like a no-brainer for a hybrid meeting, yet some key functions are often overlooked. To keep the virtual attendees engaged, adapt audience engagement tools like interactive Q&A platforms and social sharing tools so attendees can easily interact with each other. In addition, feature a poll at the end so attendees can rate their satisfaction and provide feedback for ways to improve future hybrid meetings.