4 Tips to Overcome the Summer Meeting Slump

Sometimes warmer weather can leave attendees unproductive, disengaged and disinterested. Use these tips to keep them alert!

Summertime means warmer weather, poolside gatherings, barbeques and … meetings? Attendees may be disinterested in meetings during summer, instead wanting to get back to playing and enjoying the outdoors. But a good meeting planner uses the summer heat to engage attendees in different ways and tap into their playful tendencies.


Use these four tips to motivate attendees and keep them interested and productive during the dog days of summer!

Adapt a beach theme. It’s not surprising that the majority of your attendees would rather be at a beach than in a meeting. So when meetings are held in the middle of summer, bring the beach to the meeting space! Serve lunches in (clean) sand buckets and host a meeting where colorful Adirondack chairs are a seating option.


Take team-building activities outside. Team-building activities are a great reason to get attendees outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Consider a build-your-own boat activity beachside or birdhouse painting at a local park.


Treat the group to mid-meeting treats. Nothing says summer quite like ice cream treats, popsicles or refreshing cocktails — or mocktails. Surprise attendees with an unexpected meeting treat to raise morale and inspire further creativity.


Host a picnic lunch. Even if there isn’t time for fun and games during a long day of meetings, at least invite attendees outdoors for a casual picnic lunch. Blankets on the grass, picnic baskets — the whole thing! This nostalgic experience will give attendees a chance to relax.