4 Ways to Encourage Note Taking in Meetings

Make sure your message stays top of mind with guests and attendees by using these tactics to encourage note taking.

We all know taking notes in meetings helps attendees retain the information presented, sharpens focus, increases engagement and documents proof of time spent. Despite such benefits, the percentage of people (especially millennials) actually taking notes in sessions, presentations and classes is 65 percent.


Boost this percentage — and consequently boost active engagement and interest — by trying one of these four innovative note-taking solutions. From iPads to mobile apps, these are sure to encourage note taking and sharing among attendees. 


Incorporate notes into the meeting app. Not only are mobile meeting apps popular, they’re effective as well. More than 60 percent of American adults own a smartphone, meaning your attendees will likely already be connected. To encourage them to stay engaged on their mobile devices, add a note-taking tool like WorkFlowy, Google Drive and Simplenote with the app. These help to streamline note taking, share thoughts with other attendees and save the notes.


Offer integrated technology. Ensure attendees don’t misplace the notes they spent hours jotting down by removing old-fashioned notepads altogether. If your budget allows, replace pens and paper with iPads or tablets that allow attendees to email their notes when the presentation or meeting is over. Load all devices with the meeting app to keep everyone engaged and on topic.


Introduce collaborative note taking. Turn note taking into a team experience with collaborative brainstorming sessions. This also works as a networking opportunity because it gives attendees the chance to meet and discuss objectives and presentations together. Use Google Docs so you can easily share meeting notes, minutes and brainstorming ideas with attendees later. Plus, this cloud-based software allows multiple people to edit a single document at once, making it easy to continue the brainstorming session long after the meeting is over.  


Add a meeting hashtag for social note taking. With most attendees on social media for personal use during the meeting anyway, turn their tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram updates into online, sharable notes with a meeting hashtag. This allows attendees to share their thoughts, findings and more with their social audience, as well as collaborate with other attendees.