4 Ways to Spice Up Your Charcuterie

Elevate Your Break Station with These Charcuterie Offerings

When it comes to snacking, charcuterie is a classic—and for good reason. The reliable mix-and-match of chewy, savory meats and luxe cheeses is an easy crowd-pleaser at events. But as with anything, without a little inspiration these timeless boards may, sorry to say, fall flat. Here are four ways to go beyond your garden-variety cheddar, Swiss, blue cheese and salami at your next meeting.

Lox of Love

For a twist on the ole meat-and-cheese shtick, add some salmon into the mix. Hailing from the lox aesthetic, it certainly plays nice with cheese and adds a much-needed wallop of freshness to all the grease and ferment.

Don’t Skimp on Bread

Let’s face it: We all secretly like carbs, and meetings are often seen as exceptions for many with holy diets. And what better way to placate those who are “not morning people”? Plus, a raft of grains means more ways to slather.

Keep it Rustic

Come, all ye aged and dried up: Charcuteries scream rustic, so follow the voice. Fanciful chutneys, dried figs and raw or baked nuts are logical extensions of the same theme that will zing up your refreshments without looking (or tasting) too random.

Bring on the Grapes

Grape it up. The juicy pearls are Robin to cheese’s Batman, not to mention a desperately needed dose of healthfulness on a board’s carnal scene. However small, grapes can also carry a nice mood for your meeting—think Greek gods, philosophical debate and divine leisure. Who doesn’t want to channel some of that?