5 Event Ideas That Put the “Fun” in Fundraising

Catch your guests’ attention to boost participation and revenue

Fundraisers shouldn’t feel forced. The goal, after all, is to inspire goodwill (and good vibes) that compels your guests to open up their pocketbooks.

Which is why making the efforts seem more like leisure—and less of an obligation—is key to boosting participation and financial returns. But casino nights and silent auctions, though time-tested options, can start to blend together over time. 

Whether presented as a side attraction or the main event, these fun and easy concepts can infuse fresh energy into your philanthropic endeavors: 

Bring the Funny

Laughter feels good—a great reason to pay a few bucks for the pleasure. Book a local improv team or comedy group to hold an interactive show or team-building session with icebreaker exercises. If attendees are more passive, try a keynote comedian whose style and material matches the tone of your event. 

Have a Spa Day

There’s no question that long conventions and meetings leave us seeking a little glamour. Put pampering at arm’s reach by hosting on-site manicurists, massage therapists or estheticians—with prices and signage that state an added portion of the fee supports the cause. Doing good and looking good go hand in hand!

Go On a Treasure Hunt

Want to get your attendees to work together? Use an app such as Actionbound to create custom digital experiences using GPS locations, maps, quizzes, QR codes and other data of your choice. The result: a personalized “amazing race.” Charge an entry fee and offer the winning scavengers a share of the proceeds. 

Lace Up Your Sneakers

The sedentary nature of seminars and workshops may compel a collective need to stretch. Whether it’s a fun run, a morning dance party (or mini-marathon) or an adult field day with classic childhood games—potato sack races, anyone?—host light athletic events with a participation or give-what-you-wish fee. 

Uncork the Wine

Delight palates with a wine-tasting event featuring a sommelier and rustic decor. Serve responsibly, of course, but consider supplemental incentives such as a raffle as guests enjoy a glass or two. Or, throw a paint-and-sip party that allows everyone to craft their own masterpiece from a master template while they imbibe.