5 Healthy Snacks for Meeting Breaks

Keep attendees’ energy high and their stomachs full with healthy and interesting snacks.

Sometimes attendees might seem like they need some extra fuel to make it to the meeting finish line. Remember, food is fuel!

Serve up these healthy, yet supertasty, snacks, and you’ll ensure that participants have productive and effective meetings.

Healthy-Snack Break

Looking for a unique way to offer some healthy snacks? Serve individually plated bananas with peanut butter dip. Not only is this a great treat, but it will also bring attendees back to their childhood days!


Nut and Berry Display

Fresh fruits and berries, accompanied by nuts, are always a great choice for snack time. People can enjoy these treats alone as well as add them to yogurt or oatmeal.


Watermelon and Feta Shooters

Create tasty, healthy snack combos, and serve them as shooters. This interesting presentation will delight attendees while giving them the energy they need to finish out a day of meetings.


Vegetables and Hummus

Veggies and dip are a party staple. Bring this favorite into your meeting by making individual servings of a colorful variety of vegetables, placed in a bowl with hummus.


Healthy Bread and Oatmeal

Serve up bread, biscuits and oatmeal—made with whole grains, of course—along with a variety of homemade and locally sourced jams, honeys and other toppings.