5 Natural, Caffeine-Free Energy Boosters

Keep attendees’ energy up and meetings running strong with these natural energy boosters.

Sometimes caffeine is essential to getting through the day. But there are other natural energy boosters — be they food, beverages or activities — that can help fuel attendees throughout an event. Incorporate these suggestions into your menu or agenda to help give guests a jump-start when they begin to feel sluggish.

  1. Provide whole-grain snacks. Three servings of whole-grain foods can provide a healthy dose of energy. But steer clear of refined carbs, which will give attendees a quick boost but leave them feeling more sluggish afterward.
  2. Step outside. Move your meeting outside or set up an afternoon outdoor break session (if the weather permits) to give attendees a healthy dose of sunlight. If no outdoor option is available, use a space that provides access to lots of natural light.
  3. Take a walk. Just a 10-minute walk can be all attendees need to wake up their brains and muscles. Consider a brainstorming exercise that takes guests on a brief walk to consider solutions or scenarios. Or, if the group is small enough, consider hosting a walking meeting.   
  4. Have plenty of water in hand. Sometimes fatigue is really a symptom of thirst. A cool glass of water may be just what attendees need to regain their alertness. Add a hint of citrus flavor, the scent of which can give guests an extra boost.
  5. Stop for a meditation break. Going strong all day long can take a mental toll on attendees and leave them feeling worn down. Give guests a few minutes of quiet to relax and gather their thoughts to keep them alert and focused before jumping into a large task.