5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

5 Podcasts for In-the-Know Planners

In a world of rich multimedia, the surge in popularity of podcasts feels almost quaint. But the informal, radio-like content has struck a chord with listeners, and podcasts now offer voices on just about any subject you can think of—and you might be surprised how many of them have insights for the meetings industry, too. 

Best of all, podcasts were made for multitasking, so next time you’re stuck in traffic, give your Spotify a rest and enrich yourself with one of our five favorite podcasts. They just might make you a better event planner (and better still, they’re all free!).

TED Talks: Long at the forefront of the genre, TED (that’s Technology, Entertainment, Design) continues to inspire with thoughtful presentations on the intersections of these fields and beyond from trailblazers the world over. Check in regularly for a sense of where society is going and the possibilities being hatched by Earth’s most curious people.

The Art of Charm: This series is all about igniting your confidence, charisma and networking skills, leaning heavily on cognitive psychology and behavioral economics. A revolving panel of hosts explores subjects like body language, emotional intelligence and Imposter syndrome with the help of those who know them best. (Larry King, for instance, is interviewed on how to hold interesting conversations.)

Design Matters with Debbie Millman: The author, educator and brand strategist does a marvelous job culling creative perspectives from artists, writers and other well-regarded, outside-the-box thinkers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Barbara Kruger and Seth Godin. It’s great for gathering inspiration for fresh ways to hold your next meeting.

Call Your Girlfriend: Continuing to dish #realtalk during a time of alternative facts, digital strategist Aminatou Sow and oh-so-hip New York magazine writer Ann Friedman will give you all the ammo you need for meaningful, informed small talk—you know, those moments with clients when work talk needs a breather. 

You at Home: Sashay over to SoundCloud for this brand-new eclectic series, which illuminates the interesting stories behind the unusual but cherished possessions of everyday people. It promises to be a rich meditation on how objects can inform a space, and what they can reveal about their owners.