5 Questions to Ask Your Tech Partners

What you should be asking to leverage meeting technology and improve the attendee experience

Finding the right event technology partner (or selecting the right venue that includes a vendor) can be a long process—but once you’ve found your perfect match, your work is done, right? 

Wrong. For a positive partnership and seamless event technology experience, planners should be consistently working alongside tech partners to ensure that everything runs smoothly come the day of the event. Other than weekly check-ins, here are a few questions you should ask throughout the planning process to make the most of the partnership:

How can I best leverage technology to achieve meeting goals?

As the tech experts, your vendors will understand current tech and industry benchmarks better than anyone else on your team. So, discuss what you can do to leverage the latest trends. An augmented reality experience, for example, might not have been included in your initial vision, but with 51 percent of early adopters seeing positive returns on their investments, it might be technology worth considering. 

How can I integrate new tech solutions with existing software and tools?

An effective meeting often includes multiple tech solutions: CRM, an event app, registration software, calendar integration, payment processes, marketing tools—well, you get the point. And because every meeting’s tech setup is different, it’s important to talk with your tech vendor about how each platform works together. Ask for recommendations on how to best integrate and get the most out of each solution. 

What are you doing to comply with GDPR?

Under GDPR regulations, planners are responsible for ensuring that any vendors processing data on their behalf are fulfilling their legal responsibilities. That means planners need to have a thorough understanding of how tech partners manage data. Have them walk you through their security practices to ensure that you’re able to keep attendees’ data protected and safe.

What kind of ongoing support do you offer?

Yes, the point of a technology partner is for them to handle all of the technical aspects of your meeting. But as part of your overarching crisis management plan, you’ll want to know baseline tech processes in case of emergency. So, find out what kind of onboarding and training materials your vendor offers. It’s also a good idea to request a demonstration of the technology, so you can see how it works in real time rather than just reading instructions off a training document. 

Who should I contact when I need assistance? 

Should questions come up, you’ll want to know who is available for technical support, as well as the best method to contact them. Distribute this information amongst your team to ensure that every member can act swiftly should a tech emergency arise.