5 Unconventional Event Spaces in Your Hotel You Have to Try

Dare to be different with your meeting space

The equation for a successful event is fairly standard: Mix one part engaging agenda with two parts planning ingenuity. (A mouthwatering menu helps, too!) And while there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a tried-and-true venue like your hotel’s conference room, auditorium or bar, moving the party to a more surprising, engaging space can inspire attendees. 

Here are five exciting ways to make your next event venue one to remember.

1. The Rooftop

In cities that have breathtaking skylines, why not give your attendees a view from the top? Rooftops and rooftop bars can be transformed into beautiful event spaces, like The Griffin Bar at the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul that overlooks the majestic Heunginjimun Gate. 

Feature a live mixology station with a light-up bar display and a live band playing in the middle, and you’ll have a sophisticated, top-of-the-world event. You can add to the rooftop feel by decorating chairs or benches to look like gondolas. Arrange them in a formal seating style for daytime discussions before switching them into little groups at night to provide areas for networking.

2. The Carpark or Parking Lot

Carparks and parking lots can be more than just a place for attendees to leave their vehicles. Take a cue from this carpark event at the JW Marriott Hanoi and use it in an unconventional way for your event. Enlist the help of a few food trucks, set up some outdoor furniture and create bright, colorful lighting that emits a unique night-market feel.

Here’s a fun idea to shake things up: Why not transform the carpark or parking lot into a drive-in theater? Set up large, portable screens and have attendees watch the show from rental cars.

3. The Poolside

Incorporating swimming pools into the mix can certainly add a dynamic element to your event. Both outdoor and indoor pools make for beautiful venues, especially for discussion sessions, break or meal times and post-event socializing. Use canopies and tents, poolside lounge tables, refreshments and some strategically placed spa counters to have attendees floating on cloud nine. Conversely, you can use outdoor cabanas that “float on water,” like the ones at the JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity, for a small conference. 

Insider tip: We hear that Ebb6 and Flow18 at the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach have great views of the Formula One racetrack in Singapore, so you may consider having an event at the time of the race!

4. A Club in the Day

Clubs like the Cool Cats Jazz Club at the JW Marriott Hanoi are often unused during the day, so they make for excellent venue options with dynamic lighting and sound systems alongside food facilities readily available for use.

If you intend to use an auditorium, take it one step further by transforming it into a clublike atmosphere. Arrange high chairs on the dance floor, and have presenters speak from the DJ booth or stage. Even better? Have a DJ come in post-presentation to get the party going! 

5. The Presidential Suite

Holding an event for a C-level audience? Make them feel like VIPs by inviting them to a presidential suite instead of a normal meeting room. The presidential suites at Marriott hotels provide a modern and luxurious space with elegant furniture and décor. 

Enhance the experience further by decorating your event space with a VIP entrance and modern, sleek panel screens. End the all-star event with a private gourmet dinner.

Some out-of-the-box thinking and a little help from our team of innovative, dedicated event staff can certainly go a long way in making your event space unique and unconventional. Check out more tips and trends to give your attendees the ultimate event experience.

Have any unconventional event ideas? We’re all ears! Use #MeetingsImagined to share them with us.