5 Ways to Add Texture to Your Meeting Space

Simple decorating strategies can enhance the look and feel of any event venue

Whether it’s showcased on the walls, floors, windows or tabletop, an infusion of texture gives unmistakable definition to any surface.
A visual hallmark for residential and hotel designers, the approach can also help enhance a meeting or convention space—a key tactic for event planners who want attendees to feel comfortable, impressed and inspired. 

Even better: Texture may be incorporated lightly or in broad strokes, meaning that hosts can be as subtle or bold as they wish. That could entail sleek midcentury touches or a full-on burst of glam using velvet and faux fur. 

Here are some universal ways to get started:

Set a mood with fabrics.

Striking textiles aren’t limited to the runway. Fabrics can take center stage in a number of different ways. Fashion your favorite styles as tablecloths, runners, placemats or chair back slipcovers. Lightweight or sheer variations may be bunched and draped to form a tent ceiling—or hung on walls to highlight a photo station or a speaker’s podium.

Give walls and floors a face-lift.

Your budget might not permit big cosmetic updates (a venue may prohibit the idea, too). Fortunately, commitment-free options exist. Consider peel-and-stick wallpaper—a removable option with a widening array of trendy 3D patterns—for backdrops, booths or other facades. Interlocking foam, carpet or parquet tiles can draw attention to the floor. 

Incorporate plant life.

Chic and sustainable, natural greenery is a great way to enliven a space. It also allows scalability: A convention’s main stage might house fiddle-leaf fig plants or majesty palms, while conversation clusters or café tables could be enhanced with tiny potted succulents of varying edges and contours (they’re also a great keepsake for guests). 

Serve a feast for the senses.

Yes, textural elements have a place in the buffet line. Consider a wooden “live edge” cutting board for veggies and other appetizers. Fruits and spreadable cheeses will undoubtedly pop when presented on slate panels. And stately marble serving trays with swirling patterns give miniature desserts the platform they deserve. 

Focus on small accents.

Can’t go big? Small, yet cost-effective, splashes of texture can still dazzle. That might involve throw pillows or woven baskets. On tabletops, try small metallic sculptures, bowls of decorative orbs or geometric centerpieces with votive candles placed inside. Whatever you decide, keep accents tied to your event’s mood and color scheme.