5 Ways to Bring the Spa to You

In-house “spalternatives” that won’t break your planning budget

From serving farm-fresh, organic meals to setting the mood with calming colors, we as wellness-savvy event planners know the benefit of a healthy, re-energized meeting attendee. Arianna 

Huffington and other business leaders have even famously started touting wellness programs for their staffs.  

However, as much as we’d love to jet our guests off to exotic, serene spa locations for all-inclusive retreats, our budgets often have other plans. But with a little creativity, there’s no reason you can’t bring the spirit of the spa to your meeting.  

From relaxing creative activities to heart-pumping workouts, here is a sample of fun, invigorating wellness activities to offer your guests this summer. 

1. Start Swiping

Remember how calming it was to watch Bob Ross create serene landscapes on weekday afternoons? It wasn’t just his low-key demeanor bringing your heart rate down––there’s an inherently calming nature to simply picking up a brush and swiping. Best of all? It’s an incredibly cost-efficient wellness activity, only requiring a quick trip to the craft store.  

2. Get Moving 

While the benefits of exercise are well known, our cubicle-heavy lifestyles have surprisingly remained stagnant––even as research continually suggests we need to move more at work. So while encouraging your guests to get active during lunch or with a fun activity like biking or hiking won’t calm them in the moment, they’ll be thanking you later for their better night’s sleep

3. Say Namaste

There’s a reason—or several!—that monks have been practicing yoga for thousands of years: The practice is known to improve flexibility, respiration, energy and metabolism. But just because you’re not contorting your body into confusing pretzel shapes doesn’t mean you’re not benefiting. Keep sessions simple to encourage attendees of all skill levels to participate. 

4. Loosen Up 

Tap into the talent of a local establishment or look into freelance therapists, and bring the massage parlor to your attendees. Be sure to set up chairs and tables in a quiet space (far away from the actual meeting area) so guests aren’t distracted by chatter or work.  

5. Smell the Relaxation  

Although encouraging guests to participate in actual health-boosting activities is a surefire way to encourage wellness, don’t underestimate the power of smell. Aromatherapy incorporates the use of the specific scents and spices that are known to either calm the nerves or invigorate the brain. Just be sure to offer a mix of both so attendees aren’t either all riled up or found snoozing on their yoga mats after their afternoon session.