5 Ways to Create a Vintage-Inspired Event

Turn your party into an event fit for Gatsby with these tips for a vintage soiree.

Let’s face it: We all love to indulge in themed events every once in a while, and nothing is more captivating than vintage. Between the elegant details, the glitz and glamor, the beautiful antiques and the breathtaking centerpieces, there are so many ways to incorporate vintage elements into any event or social gathering.

To get you started with this trend, here are five tips for throwing a vintage-inspired event

Add vintage elements to the centerpiece. Vintage items, such as whitewashed lanterns, patterned tablecloths and antique candlesticks, bring a romantic and elegant touch to any tablescape. Use modern glassware and flatware to keep the look from being too kitschy.


Create a themed room. For events centered on networking and promotion, give attendees a place to relax and find inspiration in a vintage-designed room or corner, like this reading room. Stock it with vintage magazines, themed artwork and antique furniture as a way to play up the theme and encourage creativity and collaboration.


Incorporate vintage food and drink options. Stick to the elegant vintage theme at your bar and food stations by serving classic candies, cocktails, fruits, snacks and more in old milk bottles, mason jars, glass vases and antique dishes. For added glamour (and easier access), arrange them in mismatched groups on a distressed tray or mirror for a unique centerpiece

Repurpose antiques as bars or tables. Who said you had to use boring tables and chairs to display food and drink? Set drinks, glassware and snacks on an old repurposed car, wagon or truck! The look will fit with the vintage theme and will create a great icebreaker to get guests interacting.


Fill the extra space with vintage props. Have extra space? Create a little art gallery featuring props, such as bicycles, ladders, cars, furniture, and suitcases filled with books, all from days gone by. Guests will love the look, and it will inspire conversations and brainstorming.