5 Ways to Do All-White Decor

Impress guests with this chic (lack of) color scheme

As fun and creative as it is to play with pops of color, their absence can be just as eye-catching. And if you think that all-white is synonymous with sterile, think again. The crisp, chic color scheme (well, lack of color scheme, really) is one of the most classic. Using all white can make a room look larger, is pleasing to the eye and makes decorating decisions quite easy — if done right. From the Inspiration Gallery, here are five of our favorites.

The All-White Table

From the linens to the centerpieces, the table markers to the soft glow of the candles, using nary a color (save for some of the greenery in the floral arrangements) makes for a big impact, particularly in a large, open space such as this one.

White-Themed Gala

Tall white floral centerpieces, flowing petals, white linens and even white objets d’art decorate this table, a stark contrast to the navy-and-green tables that also are part of this setup.

Simple Snack Display

Small bites like these are displayed in a fuss-free way — but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a stellar scene. A color scheme ranging from bright white to creamy ivory looks clean, inviting and absolutely delicious.

A Literal Representation

In case you want to really take the theme and run with it, we give you the white room: a sleek setup perfect for taking a refreshing 10-minute break (and grabbing some themed sweets).

Curtain Call

Creamy curtains provide the backdrop for this expansive room, glowing with low lighting, neutral floral displays and white decor.