5 Ways to Make the Most of Small Outdoor Spaces

Bigger isn’t always better. Create a unique experience for guests, using intimate outdoor spaces.

Large outdoor areas — like golf courses, large terraces, farms or just wide-open spaces — are great for meetings and social gatherings, especially when the weather cooperates. However, not every venue will have such an area, especially in a more urban setting. Does that mean you should keep guests cooped up inside all day? Absolutely not.

With the right design and planning, small spaces can be transformed into the perfect outdoor retreat.

Here are 5 great ways to use small outdoor spaces!

Rooftop Cocktail Hour

 If the venue has a functioning (and safe) rooftop area, use it to host a social gathering with cocktails and appetizers. Guests will appreciate being outdoors, especially if the rooftop has a scenic nighttime view.


Outdoor Lunch Break

It’s nice to get attendees outside for meals. Set up a casual picnic-style lunch spread outdoors, with seating if space allows.


Casual Outdoor Meeting

Host small-group discussions or informal presentations on a patio area outside. Spruce up the existing benches and seating with pillows, simple decor and meeting supplies.


Patio Bar

If all you have for outdoor space is a small concrete slab, use it as a patio bar. Even if only a few guests can be outdoors at the same time, they will enjoy the fresh air as they grab a beverage.


Private Dining Area

If weather permits, host small client dinner meetings and networking dinners outdoors. Create an intimate, private space where attendees can connect and get deals done.