5 Ways to Serve Apples

Ideas for bringing fall’s favorite fruit into your meetings

If you’re in a temperate region, your local farmers market is all about apples right about now—and your meetings can be, too. Even if you’re not in an area with the traditional hallmarks of autumn, these five ideas can infuse your meeting with the particular crisp-yet-warm sensation that apples provide.  

Make caramel apples. It’s hard for a meeting to get too tense if everyone has a caramel apple in hand, which makes this wholesome fall activity a playful team-building exercise. Work with the catering team to have caramel kept at the right temperature for dipping, then have a variety of toppings like crushed walnuts, mini toffees, pretzel salt and crushed gingersnaps for caramel apples to be rolled through as they set. 

Drink up. Whether it's a mug of warm cider or a boozy apple drink, apple-inspired libations make for a cozy, autumnal beverage experience. Classic mulled cider is always a hit, though apple cocktails, such as the Apple Elixir or Apple Crisp cocktail, can offer a new twist on this fall staple. Consider serving it punch-style over a heated setup, as this communal serving method promotes a sense of togetherness.

Host an apple tasting. Sure, you could serve your attendees plain old grocery-store apples. But walking them through a tasting of different varieties can expand their palates and creates organic opportunities for mingling. Set out plates of apple slices with each variety and its characteristics clearly labeled, and let attendees walk around the room for a DIY tasting, or consider arranging for a guided tasting with a local apple farmer. 

Play Apples to Apples. This card game is a classic for good reason: It’s simple to learn, contracts and expands easily to a number of group sizes, and can be played for as long or as little as the players desire. For casual gatherings, have different Apples to Apples stations set up around the meeting space, or have it be one of many board games in a Networking meeting.

Get crafty. Apples smell delicious and evoke feelings of hearty warmth and togetherness, which makes them decorating staples. Apple wreaths, apple centerpieces, apple votives, or simply using plain apples stacked or piled as décor makes for a striking use of real apples. To feature apples without bringing the actual fruit into the space, try book page apples or apple prints on linens.