5 Wellness Event Décor Ideas

Try these setup strategies to promote health and well-being at your next event

When it comes to wellness meetings, there’s a lot to be said about the meeting menu and agenda: Are you offering a balanced, healthy meal option? Does the schedule allow for breaks, so attendees can decompress between sessions? And sure, these are important questions to ask when planning a wellness event. But a key meeting element is often missing from the conversation: décor. 

Alongside food and meeting structure, an event’s setup also plays a big role in creating a rejuvenating environment. There’s a reason why many spas have a light, airy design: It’s refreshing and invokes feelings of calmness and relaxation. For your wellness meeting to inspire similar feelings, try these décor ideas:

Add Greenery

Think plants are just for show? Think again. Green, leafy plants can boost attendees’ moods, improve creative thinking and even foster more positive relationships among people. So, make greenery part of your meeting décor. From a psychological standpoint, a good rule of thumb is to have at least one or two plants visible when looking in any direction.

Stick to a Pastel Color Scheme

Unlike bright or neon hues, pastel colors are less saturated, which means they’re usually lighter and softer in tone, and give off a calming effect. Try including pastels in floral centerpieces, tableware or on an accent wall. 

Let in Natural Light

Throw open the curtains: Natural lighting can ward off stress and improve attendees’ moods. In fact, in a survey by the Harvard Business Review, natural lighting ranked as the No. 1 office perk among professionals. So, opt for venues with large windows and invite the light in. 

If your meeting space is limited to the sun’s natural rays, incorporate mirrors into your décor. The mirrors will reflect the sunlight and create more brightness in the room—just make sure they’re pointed toward the light and not away from it.  

Find the Right Furniture

The nature of many meetings requires attendees to sit at length, which can not only leave guests feeling antsy but also contribute to ill health. As a fix, look for ergonomic furniture—that is, furniture designed with comfort and health in mind. A wellness ball, for instance, offers a more active way of sitting and can help attendees improve posture and strengthen their core and back muscles.

Try Aromatherapy

Your event should not only look good, it should smell good, too. Be it through candles or reed diffusers, applying the right aroma to your meeting can encourage a specific meeting tone. For example, awakening scents such as rosemary and lemon can invigorate guests and promote focus, while lavender and bergamot can ease tension and anxiety.