5 Year-End Team-Building Ideas

Teams that play together stay together

Team building tends to elicit mixed emotions among attendees. While many view it as a fun opportunity to interact with co-workers in a relaxed setting, others may think that it takes unnecessary time from their busy schedules. Perceptions aside, the numbers don’t lie: Research has shown that effective team-building exercises have measurable and positive effects on team performance.

In order to keep the naysayers of the group interested in team building, you’ll need to approach the topic with fresh, inventive thinking. Here, we outline five engaging ways to incorporate team building into your event agenda.

1. Bring a Smile to Others 

Organizing a volunteer activity for your meeting attendees is both an excellent team-building activity and a fantastic way to give back to the community. Besides bringing a smile to someone’s face, studies have also shown that volunteering improves an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Start by organizing a meeting with your preferred voluntary welfare organizations to find out what they need, and then tailor a program for them. You can also take a cue from Marriott’s Spirit to Serve program, in which guests build homes or serve meals while interacting with beneficiaries.

2. Breathe in with the Good and Out with the Bad

Group workouts are another fantastic way to encourage teamwork (and burn calories). When selecting a workout, try to pick activities that are safe for people of different ages and fitness levels, such as yoga or aerobics.

Although the thought of aerial yoga might make you wince, the gravity-defying poses are actually much simpler than they look––and a great choice for a fun, Instagram-worthy group workout. With just as much, if not more, benefit as standard yoga, you can be sure that your guests will walk away feeling Zen. 

Another trending exercise that the JW Marriott Bangkok offers is cardio boxing. If your team feels stressed out after a long day of intense meetings, you can spar with certified instructors to release those endorphins in a safe environment. 

3. Upgrade Your Team’s Skills to Achieve Greater Heights

While attending a professional development course also has the benefit of promoting cross-department relationships and industry expertise, nobody wants to be seated for hours on end listening to an industry expert drone on.

So why not take education into your own hands with a customized hackathon? Forbes suggests that hackathons (events where a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming) can improve employee experience while helping develop cross-functional skills. Not only will your guests be mingling with people from different backgrounds, you’ll also promote cross-department relationships through activities that require teamwork. According to HackElect, hackathons are a way to create fresh ideas, develop a creative culture and provide long-lasting answers to real problems. 

4. Explore New Experiences

Whether it’s exploring nature or heading to an escape room, getting out of the office and bonding through new activities allows employees to develop fresh ideas for creative thinking.

With a surge in “escape rooms” all over the globe, your team can easily (and cost-effectively) delve into an entirely new world. It’s more than just fun and games at escape rooms; participants solve problems and let creativity run free. 

Beyond the escape room, a field trip does not have to be costly or require extensive travel. Most regions have unique places hidden away. The key is to expose your colleagues to new experiences. Have a social networking session at a community garden or get creative with a keynote session at a revamped abandoned warehouse.

If you are on a tight budget, consider museums and art galleries with free admission. 

5. Bring People Together for a Mystery Holiday Dinner

No holiday season is complete without a hearty meal to celebrate your achievements. Enjoying a meal together also encourages greater interaction in a relaxed environment.

Consider holding a mystery holiday dinner, for which guests know only the date and time of the event, and are given the venue and transport details on the event day. (Keep to small groups of four or five people to provide sufficient time for interactions.)

Since a large group will likely have varying dietary preferences, an international buffet will satisfy the pickiest of taste buds. You can consider the award-winning cuisine at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, which offers flavorful local dishes such as Singapore chili crab and chicken rice. Alternatively, Manila Marriott Hotel has a variety of dining options ranging from Chinese cuisine to oven-baked pizzas to a steakhouse.