6 Clever Menu Board Displays

Select menu boards that are as creative and inspired as the food and beverage items on them.

Menu boards not only advertise the food and beverage options available, they can also complement event decor and ambiance. Clever boards don’t need to be large or complex to work, either. We highlight a few creative suggestions to help enhance your next occasion.

Butcher paper: Ornate signage might look out of place at a casual barbecue or other simple event, so write menu items on butcher paper to detail the contents in a fun, inviting way. This personal approach works well for events such as lunches and cheese tastings.

Chalkboard: Show off artistic elements with well-appointed chalk art. Such designs allow for creative sidebars to create more personal and welcoming messaging. Also, illustrations can provide more homemade appeal — a great idea for locally sourced foods or handcrafted beverages.

Frames: Picture frames are versatile decor items that can be as simple or elegant as an event requires. Menus can be printed and cropped to the appropriate size or handwritten directly on the glass. Leave them standing, or affix them to a finial or post for elevated displays.

Digital: Contemporary events can benefit from more high-tech features, such as tablet menu displays. Use colorful imagery to draw attention to menu items, and highlight hosts or sponsors with vibrant logos. And be sure to design for vertical and horizontal orientation for placement flexibility.


Outdoors: Weather elements may call for heartier options, but heartier doesn’t have to mean boring. A large wooden frame can be attached directly to a tent to secure the display while creating a wholesome, food-stand aesthetic. A sandwich board also provides a clever, customizable option that can easily stand on its own. 

Educational: Serving something unique or featuring a signature ingredient? Consider educating guests on the dish or ingredient in question with an informational popup.