6 Sustainable Swag Bag Gift Ideas

Impress your guests with an eco-friendly approach

Everyone loves a swag bag. But once the initial delight of the gesture wears off, how likely are your guests to actually use what’s inside? An event-branded stress ball, USB flash drive or pair of sunglasses might be enjoyed for just a brief moment before being tossed. That wastes your marketing investment. And worse, such low-cost goods may be produced under poor labor conditions using materials that leave a toxic footprint.

Rethinking your gifts with the Earth in mind can impress eventgoers and boost peace of mind, and it has the added benefit of upping the likelihood that your swag will be put to use, keeping your meeting top of mind long after its conclusion. Try these six sustainable ideas to enliven (or replace) a ho-hum swag bag:

Support a Local Food Business

Regional goodies from a nearby bakery or caterer delight taste buds and provide a sense of place. Think New York’s iconic black-and-white cookies or peanut butter-covered Buckeye candies mimicking the nut of Ohio’s state tree. 

Offer a Fitness or Tourism Experience

With eventgoers already in one place, organizing a leisure activity is easy. Consider vouchers for a free on-site yoga session or a walking tour of a local historic site. It’s a great way to promote fellowship and exercise.

Provide an Artistic Outlet 

Adult coloring books—with templates such as nature scenes or intricate mandala patterns—provide a fun, solitary way to unwind. Divvy up a big box of crayons or provide colored pencils and let the creativity begin. 

Capture Everyone’s Best Side

In a world where personal brand is key, image counts. A can’t-miss present? Professional headshots. Hire a photographer to take high-quality images guests can use on company websites, marketing materials and social media. 

Promote Reusable Drinkware

Billions of plastic bottles and paper cups end up in landfills each year. Keep your crowd hydrated the sustainable way with custom logo-branded tumblers, coffee mugs or pint glasses to use throughout the event and beyond. 

Give to Charity

For philanthropic events—or those with big-hearted clientele—a gift of goodwill could have greater impact. Attendees might receive an image and a short letter explaining how funds normally dedicated to swag bags are being used to help an animal shelter, after-school program or planting trees in the community.