6 Unique End-of-Year Party Themes

Create a memorable year-end party with these six ingenious ideas

End-of-year parties aren’t just excuses to wine and dine, they’re also an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect and socialize. 

A 2013 survey by event magazine BizBash showed that end of year parties boost staff morale. In the same survey, 94 percent of the respondents said they would be disappointed if the party was canceled.

Here are six unique themes to get the party started.

1. Celebrate the Year of Greenery

As the year draws to a close, it marks the end of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017: 'Greenery'. Why not host a nature-inspired party theme to commemorate the color before the year ends? 

Take cues from the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul and bring the outdoors in! Create a unique lush green indoor design by adorning tables with olive branches and soft flickering candles for a calm and tranquil setting. 

Get your guests together to collaborate and invent something sustainable. One apt activity for a Greenery-themed party: making holiday wreaths from recycled materials. When the party ends, the decorations can be brought back to the office to enhance the festive atmosphere. 

2. Music for the Crowds

According to Successful Meetings magazine, technology is ruling the scene this season. Tap into tech by making use of cool new mobile apps that will enhance the guest experience and accessible to nearly everyone. 

Get everyone dancing and singing with mobile apps like Smule, Dubsmash, Just Dance Now and Crowd Mics. Host your very own karaoke and dance session to keep up the energy for your guests. What’s more, all you need is just a smartphone and a large screen… and a shot at making a viral video!

3. Party like a Superhero

With all the superhero blockbusters being released this year, like Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok, there’s no better time to encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite movie character in celebration. 

Aside from relying on your guests to dress up for the occasion, you can provide your guests with superhero props that are prepared at the entrance of the event space. Get your guests to peruse the capes, headgears and weapons of all the iconic superheroes and let them wear it throughout the event duration.  

To hype up the costume party, you can incentivize your colleagues to dress up by giving out wacky awards such as Superhero with the Funniest Costume or Best Superhero and Sidekick Duo

4. Bring Stories to Life

Stories have a way of connecting us with our family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. It also leaves a lasting impression, which is why event planners are increasingly harnessing its power for events. 

In 2017, The Straits Times reported that there was an increased interest in the art of storytelling in Singapore. Events such as StoryFest, Singapore Writer’s Festival and Telling Stories Live are seeing increasing turnouts each year.

Get your guests reminiscing over the past year’s stories. This can be done through photo recaps of memorable events or skits performed by the attendees that showcases their stories throughout the year. You can even host a storytelling contest where participants would take up the stage to impress their audience with their stories and performances.  

What better way is there than to end the year with a recollection of the memories and stories that your guests wish to share with each other.

5. Get Creative with Your Cuisine

As you dream up these crazy year-end party themes, don't neglect the food. All seasoned events planners know that food is an important component to any successful party. 

Look for hotels that offer dining packages at reasonable rates, like the JW Marriott Hotel Beijing, which has dinner packages suitable for large groups. To change up the usual dining setting, you can set up 12 different stations, each representing a month of year, and have your guests doing taste tests at each of the station. Each booth could host a taste test challenge, where guests are required to determine the food or drink that they have consumed. 

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Pack on the Pounds

For guests who might’ve stayed overnight following a rousing end-of-year party, consider holding an equally fun (well, almost!) workout session the next morning to burn off the beverage and food calories. One of our favorite workouts is Pound, which features drumming to adrenaline-pumping music with weighted drumsticks while doing high-intensity interval training. While your attendees rock to the music, their bodies are burning up to 900 calories per session. To add a little festive cheer, your guests can even drum and exercise along to upbeat renditions of festive tunes.

Just because you are hosting your event on a weekday, doesn’t mean it can’t mimic the atmosphere of a weekend party. Provide a memorable experience that your guests will be raving about at work the next day in lifted spirits.

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