6 Video Games That Will Transform Your Attendees’ State of Mind

Unwind. De-stress. Team build. With video games, transport attendees anywhere

From manning blocky, one-dimensional characters to engaging in multiplayer augmented reality experiences, video games have come a long way since the after-school days in your parents’ basement. And as a savvy event planner, you know that video games can also be crucial tools in breaking the ice among attendees and putting them in a more playful state of mind. 

But now, researchers are discovering that video games aren’t just capable of keeping guests amused between presentations––they can also help put your attendees in the right headspace

Whether you want attendees to de-stress, get pumped or collaborate with more gusto, here are six mood-setting video games you should incorporate into your next event. 


Whether you’re organizing an early morning conference or simply one that, for lack of a better term, has fairly vanilla content, encouraging guests to engage in brain-boosting puzzles (or just a game that’s ridiculously fun) in the interim can help substitute for that extra cup of caffeine.  

Our two favorites:

•    Old-school puzzles like Tetris or sudoku 
•    Mario Kart (because who wouldn’t be psyched to run rainbow laps as Yoshi?)

De-Stress and Unwind

If your event is bound to be tense or attendees just need a way to unwind after a long string of meetings, having cathartic, easy-to-play video games can be the perfect way to kick back. 

Our two favorites: 
•    Pigment (a virtual adult coloring book) 
•    Euro Truck Simulator (players can careen through winding European roads—how Zen does that sound?)

Collaborate with Other Attendees

Although having two controllers next to a comfy couch is a surefire way to get attendees interacting, the type of game you choose can move that collaboration to a new level.  

Our two favorites:
•    Pokémon Go (it will get attendees talking and moving) 
•    Guitar Hero (the classic team-building musical experience)