7 Chair Exercises to Get Guests Moving

Take a quick wellness break with these simple stretches

If you’re hosting a meeting with a lot of sit time and little to no breaks, it’s possible that guests might start to feel—well, a little antsy. To relieve pent-up energy or workplace jitters, add short stretching breaks to the agenda. Even just five to 10 minutes of movement can help attendees reduce stress, refocus and get back to business. 

These seven chair exercises can be performed by almost anyone, in any venue—no gym required:

Spinal Twists

Sit with your back one inch from the back of the chair. Inhale, lengthening the spine, and twist to the right. Using your left hand, grab the back of the chair. Continue to deepen the twist as you breathe, holding in place for about five seconds. Release and repeat on the left side.

Arm Circles

Sit with your back straight and knees bent. Place your hands on your shoulders, and, without moving the rest of your body, roll your arms backward in a circular motion, then roll forward, about 20 times each.

Seated Crunches

There’s nothing like an ab workout to bring on the burn. Sit tall with knees bent, toes pointed and hands behind your head. Squeeze your core muscles, and bring your body forward, touching your right elbow to the outside of your left knee. Return to starting position, and repeat on the left side.

Abdomen Stretch

Sit up straight and grab the seat of the chair with your left hand. Raising the right arm overhead, bend to the left. Hold, and then repeat on the left side. 


Bring a little ballet into the boardroom with this classic dance move. Have guests stand behind their chairs, holding on to the backrest for support. With heels together and toes turned outward into a “V” shape, bend your knees, remembering to keep your feet flat and chest lifted. Then, slowly straighten.

Calf Raises

Like a plié, start standing behind your chair. Place hands on the back of the chair, and plant feet firmly on the ground. Raise your heels, hold for one second, and return to the floor. Repeat.

Seated Run

Attendees getting fidgety? Have them sit tall in their chairs and “run” in place with short, quick steps as fast as they can for about 45 seconds.