7 Flowerless Centerpiece Ideas

Give your guests a fresh take on the table centerpiece

Flowers are a décor staple, and there’s no denying their design power when it comes to centerpieces. But there are only so many ways to rearrange flowers, and guests have seen them time and time again.

If you’re feeling uninspired or unsure of how to replace a flowery centerpiece at your next event, try these seven ideas to refresh your décor style.



Nothing brings people together like food. Instead of flowers, serve your meal family-style and use the extra table space for intricate food platings. For Network meetings especially, making mealtime a group activity, rather than creating individual food stations, will inspire a sense of connection and camaraderie.



Although candles are also commonly used as centerpieces, there’s a lot to say for how they can set the meeting mood. A glamorous candelabra can create an ambience of elegance, and a simple candle design can bring an overall sense of warmth. Whatever vibe you’re going for, candles can help you get there.


A Work of Art


Centerpieces are about giving guests something to look at, and what better than a work of art? Art stirs up conversation, stimulates brain power and makes people feel connected. There are a few ways to do this, starting with turning your centerpiece displays into a museum of sorts: You can purchase fine art replicas featuring some of the world’s most celebrated artists and showcase a different work on each table. Or get connected with local artists and indulge your guests in the community’s artistic abilities.


Paper Decorations

In lieu of a large bouquet of flowers, try your hand at the paper arts. Consider laser-cutting decorative paper to create words, scenes or shapes relevant to your meeting. For example, if your meeting has a winter theme, create a winter wonderland with intricate paper snowflakes.



Whether your event is inside or outdoors, lanterns, like candles, are a simple way to cultivate an event atmosphere. Place a real or electric candle inside the lantern to add extra lighting to the event space (using less energy to boot!). For extra décor flair, group multiple lanterns of different finishes and sizes.


Cultural Objects

Instead of making food your centerpiece, let your menu inspire it. Think about what kind of food is being served: Are there cultural norms associated with it or traditional dishware or ingredients you can play up in the table setting? For example, if you’re serving Balinese fare, where fruits have a big role at mealtime, make them your centerpiece. Group pineapples, dragon fruit, mangoes and other tropical fruits into a decorative design. You might not be able to take guests to Bali, but tying in parts of the local culture will give guests a unique food experience—and something interesting to look at.


Something On-Theme

You’re hosting your event for a reason—so what is it? Find something that relates to your meeting purpose or theme, and create a centerpiece with relevant objects. For example, if you’re hosting a film-related event, delight guests with a clapboard and film reel to pull on the movie-centric theme.