7 Healthy Gift Bag Items

Life-changing ideas for your swag bags

The swag bag: No great event is complete without it. At the end of the night, your guests are sent home with a collection of goodies (some edible, some not) to remember you by. But if you want your guests’ takeaway to bring truly positive results, consider swapping out those pricey restaurant gift certificates or those bottles of wine for items that inspire active, healthy lifestyles. Here are a few tips. 

Above All, Hydrate! 

Whether they’re pushing it to the max or working long hours at their desks, it’s important to remind everyone that hydration is key. Purchase branded water bottles — ones perfect for toting to the gym — for your swag bags.

Gym Passes

With new boutique fitness classes popping up all over the country — from spinning studios to PokeGyms — look for gift certificates or passes that will encourage attendees to go and try something new. 

The Gift of Music

No workout is complete without a great playlist. If you have the time and are inspired to get creative, consider putting together a playlist for your employees and putting it on a USB key (branded, of course). If your budget can stretch a little further, tuck in an iTunes gift card along with the USB. 

Track It

Fitness trackers are all the rage, and gifting your attendees, particularly if they all work for the same company, could easily inspire a fun contest or two among colleagues.  

Snacking Right

We wouldn’t dream of telling you to leave out the edible goodies altogether — so long as you look for health-conscious options. Aim for rich snacks that keep people fuller, like fancy mixed nuts, healthy granola bars and dried fruit. 

Soak in It

Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Whether it’s after a long and tiring day at the office or at the gym, a good soak will do you right! Try including things like bath bombs, Epsom salts, oils or bubbles.

Spa Break

If you want to go above and beyond with the pampering, try a spa gift certificate. Guests can use it as they please — such as for massages, facials or mani-pedis — and not only will their minds feel revitalized, their bodies will too.