7 Super Apps for Meeting Planners

Lean on mobile apps to help organize your expense reports, business networking and travel.

Ever wish you had more hours in a day? Well, we can’t give you that. But since there’s an app for just about everything, why not incorporate some useful apps into your meeting planner life and steal back some time?

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you manage travel, documents and networking, with just a few swipes of a finger.


TurboScan instantly turns your iPhone into a scanner for documents, receipts, whiteboards, expense reports and other important files. Once you have taken a photo of the document, you can store or email the file as a PDF or JPEG. This app is invaluable for meeting planners on the go who don’t want to deal with stacks of paper.



Sick of hanging on to masses of business cards? Consider cardmunch. Take a picture of a business card, and this free app automatically stores the information in your smartphone’s contact list.


Map out your brain with MindNode. This app, based on mind maps, lets you start with a central theme or idea and then brainstorm and collect ideas in a way that’s visual, organized and intuitive.


Dropbox, a cloud storage tool, lets users store documents, video and photos, which are accessible from the web or the app. The sharing functionality makes collaborating on files with partners, vendors or site managers a breeze.


Keep track of your own travel—but perhaps more important, the travel of your attendees, partners and speakers—with FlightTrack. The app lets users organize multiple flights, share travel information with others and get notifications about changes in travel.

Twitter and Facebook

And last, but far from least, if your meeting has an involved social media strategy, be sure to keep up with Twitter and Facebook apps.