8 Innovative Ways to Brand Your Event

The logoed food, swag and décor your guests will remember.

When it comes to raising awareness or promoting an event, we event planners know that branding and logo placement is key. But while traditional branded items—mouse pads, ballpoint pens, brochures—still have a place in your marketing strategy, it takes a bit of flair to build true brand affinity and keep guests engaged. 

From striking centerpieces to treats that are (almost) too sweet to eat, here are eight branding ideas to inspire your next event. 

Perfect cakes

Guests naturally gravitate toward the dessert table––so consider gravitating there yourself for a sweet branding opportunity. 

Chic focal points

A definite upgrade from the typical wall banner, try to find a big piece of branding that fits the aesthetic of your meeting room––like this flowery, feminine centerpiece from the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel.

Clever cupcakes

Pretty cupcakes have a knack for being especially Instagram-worthy, which makes the single-serving treats ideal for snapping pics of your logo, too. 

Logoed libations

As guests carry their cocktails along to mingle through the room, your company’s logo will be front and center (and top of mind). 

Carved fruits

Cater to health-conscious guests (while showing your logo) with these carved apples, ideal for morning or midafternoon meetings. 

Sweet candles 

Personalized candle holders, like the ones seen here from the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, are ideal ways for guests to bring a piece of your company back home with them. 

Corporate color

While seeing your logo atop a picturesque confectionery treat is an undeniably fun marketing strategy, you can achieve the same affinity without the branding being so obvious. Consider incorporating your company’s colors into beverages, cakes and candies for a subtle but powerful effect. 

Takeaway treats

The only thing better than serving glasses of celebratory Champagne at your event? Allowing guests to bring the bubbly back home, too––especially when it’s paired with a strategically placed company logo.