8 Ways to Help Attendees Relax

Meetings work better when attendees are able to de-stress and be at ease. Here are some tips to help them relax.

Tense, stressed and preoccupied meeting attendees are not effective meeting attendees.

Although you don’t want participants so relaxed that they fall asleep in the board room, you do want them to feel calm and at ease — especially if they are expected to tap their creativity or make big decisions.

The good news for planners is that it only takes a few minutes — and a few meeting modifications — to help attendees relax.

8 Relaxation Tips for Meeting Attendees

- Have attendees count backward: To help attendees relax and refocus, ask them to silently count to 10 and then back down to zero.


- Introduce breathing techniques: If a meeting becomes heated or creative energy has halted, ask participants to take a few deep breaths, which lowers blood pressure and heart rate.


- Provide stress balls: Set out stress balls around the meeting room (or on the table) and encourage attendees to use them to release tension.


- Move the meeting outside: Sunshine and fresh air provide some stress relief and tend to boost moods.


- Take a stroll: Take a walk or introduce movement as part of the meeting, or encourage attendees to walk round during breaks.


- Offer brain games: Boost energy and take attendees’ minds off serious matters momentarily with games such as chess and crossword puzzles.


- Incorporate plants: Plants have been shown to lower blood pressure, contribute to a calm and optimistic mood, improve attention spans and boost creativity.


- Serve green tea: Offer attendees green tea, which is a source of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps relieve anger. Studies have also shown that it increases alertness and decreases anxiety and stress.