8 Ways to Make a Meeting More Mindful

Elevate your attendees’ mental state

From confronting a sea of new faces and memorizing names to navigating a new venue or speaking in front of a group, meetings come with their fair share of stress. Event planners know this all too well, and have started to thread themes of wellness into meetings to help combat feelings of anxiety. 

Of course, spreading “wellness” is often easier said than done. But there are ways to incorporate subtle but powerful elements of mindfulness into your meetings to reenergize guests during and after your event. Here, we outline eight refreshing ways to do just that. 

1. Mass meditation

Although the benefits of meditation throughout the day are widely known, engaging in a state of total mindfulness as a group can help you and your attendees align mentally. Set the tone by asking guests to unplug their electronics (see No. 2), dim the lights and turn down the noise. 

2. Unplugging and unwinding

Overdependence on electronic devices can have harmful effects on our health, according to countless studies. Encourage attendees to unplug their smartphones and tablets upon entry, or have activities, like arts and crafts or games, at the ready to keep their hands full.  

3. Painting breaks 

As research has found, creating art can have a profound impact on mood and well-being. Allow attendees to channel their inner Mozart by setting up blank canvases and cans of paint during breaks. 

4. Let your attendees sleep 

Half of maintaining a state of mindfulness is preparation, which includes ample rest time. And as The New York Times recently reported, napping at work can dramatically improve focus, memory and mood. Dedicate one or two on-site rooms as resting sites, providing pillows, blankets, cool air and low lighting as a refuge. 

5. Smell of success

As we’ve highlighted before, scent can play a powerful role in stimulating your attendees’ state of mind, both in energizing and relaxing ways. Cinnamon and peppermint, for example, help improve attention and memory, while lavender can help treat headaches. Whether through incense or flower arrangements, keep these scents within arm’s reach of attendees. 

6. Spa breaks 

Spa time is a surefire way to get attendees to relax, and you can bet many of your attendees will take advantage. If on-site massage therapy doesn’t fit with your agenda or budget, offer gift cards or discounts to local spas that attendees can use on their own time. 

7. Make their commute matter 

Commuting is inherently stressful, and it’s all too common to bring that tense, anxiety-ridden energy into morning meetings. If your out-of-town guests will spend a long time in transit, send out a series of relaxing podcasts or playlists for them to play en route. 

8. Relaxing takeaways

In addition to being a fun, colorful addition to table décor, takeaways can be a great way to help attendees bring the state of mindfulness you encouraged into real life. Opt for gift certificates to local spas or health food stores, brain-boosting treats or mood-boosting incense and lotions.