9 Considerations for Successful Outdoor Events

Keep these things in mind when planning an outdoor event.

When hosting an outdoor event, you have to consider small details you normally don’t have to think about for indoor setups. But there’s no need to stress.

Follow these tips to help make your outdoor event a success.

- Choose the right venue. Make sure the event space has the amenities that your guests need: access to indoor restrooms, picnic tables and nearby parking lots. Also, avoid venues that are typically noisy or close to traffic or have other aspects that could be distracting to guests.


- Consider logistics. How long will it take to load equipment in and out and get the crew to the venue? Make sure electricity is functional and can handle whatever technology you need.


- Have a backup plan. “Better safe than sorry” definitely applies to outdoor events. Prepare for the worst by having an outdoor tent or an indoor option in case of inclement weather. If it does begin to rain, have umbrellas on hand for guests, and provide an entrance path that’s free from mud and debris.


- Stay in touch. Any event requires a constant, reliable means of communication with team members. With outdoor events, use walkie-talkies in case of spotty cellphone reception.


- Know the rules. Check noise ordinances, fire safety codes and city safety ordinances that cover your outdoor space to ensure that your event won’t be interrupted.


- Keep food fresh. Dining al fresco is lovely, but improper food storage can quickly sour your event. Choose a menu with food that won’t spoil quickly and that guests can munch on easily. Also, bring food out at the last possible minute so that it is served fresh and at the appropriate temperature.


- Ensure guest comfort. Depending on the weather, keep handheld fans, water bottles or light blankets on hand. It might also be worth investing in several portable air conditioners or space heaters. Keep pests at bay with fans or citronella candles.


- Light the way. Proper lighting is important not only for ambience but also for guests’ safety. Consider what lighting you will need in the venue itself, as well as on walkways and in parking lots. If you use candles for decor, be sure that they can withstand the wind and won’t be knocked over easily.


- Entertain guests. Provide lawn games, bubbles, hula-hoops and other fun activities that allow your guests, especially the young ones, to let loose outdoors. If appropriate, hire a band to keep the energy up as the night goes on.