Adult Pizza Parties––That Are Sophisticated? It’s Possible

Celebrate National Pizza Party Day on May 19 in style with these four ideas

Nothing says last-minute lunch like a counter covered with half-open, grease-stained pizza boxes at work, corporate events or meetings. Although we often still associate pizza with a delivery guy, the wave of artisanal pizza we’ve seen in restaurants in recent years––where handcrafted pies and fresh, seasonal ingredients reign supreme––is working quickly to swap that stereotype. 

But what truly makes pizza such a stellar meeting-menu option, according to Megan Lanasa, co-founder and owner of Baltimore’s BricknFire Pizza Co., is that it’s just as enjoyable to eat as an adult as it was as a kid. Her shop has a permanent home in the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, in addition to a food truck service that expands the area.  

“Pizza is a great option for meetings because it’s a fun way to sample everything,” Lanasa explains. “It’s classic finger food that shows up to complement a wide variety of fun events. People just associate pizza with fun.”

In preparation for National Pizza Party Day on May 19, here are five tasty as well as sophisticated ideas for throwing an adult pizza party. 

Spend the Evening in Naples

Although authentic Neapolitan pizza mostly relies on a light, crispy crust (in contrast to the thicker American versions), having an assortment of seasonal toppings is also crucial—and even more enticing. 

Set out personal, freshly baked pies with sauce and cheese next to a toppings bar. Tomatoes, mushrooms and basil are musts, but feel free to get inventive—tuna, smoked bacon, zucchini and capers are great options.

A Slice of the Action

Present attendees with fully baked pizzas they can nab slices from. To ensure your selection stands out from a run-of-the-mill pizza party, however, consider the presentation, as this inspired idea from The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas shows. Muted lighting and glossy, gold lighting fixtures transform even ho-hum pies into five-star displays. 

Call in the Experts

As the owner of a food-truck business, Lanasa’s primary concern is giving customers both comfort and a variety of choice––a dynamic your guests will likely have a hankering for, too. 

“We encourage our customers to hand-select their perfect pizza,” she explains. “Sometimes they even come up with creations that end up being part of our weekly specials.” She references a recently created pie topped with Brussels sprouts, walnuts and cranberries as an example. 

The gist? Don’t be afraid to give your chefs a break and call in pizza experts. It may even open up your team to new, out-of-the-box dining options. 

Not Your Mom’s Microwaved Minis

Remember those mini pizzas your mom used to heat up for you and your friends after school––and how fun and satisfying they were to scarf down? Give attendees the chance to revisit their childhood with personal, bite-sized pizzas. Only this time, they won’t come from the frozen aisle.  

Don’t Forget the Soda

We’re all adults here, and our refined taste in pizza proves it. But is it really a pizza party sans soda pop? Try offering a variation of the bubbly with personalized cans or bottles with the company’s logo or attendees’ names.