Apps to Boost Targeted Networking

Turn to tech for personalized matchmaking capabilities

Let’s face it: When it comes to networking, people aren’t always open to connecting. Sounds like a contradiction, right? But in our digital world—where 77 percent of Americans stay plugged in with a smartphone—some people have become dependent on interacting screen-to-screen rather than face-to-face, which ultimately changes the dynamic of a Network meeting.

For planners, the key to hosting events that invite networking is often to bring in tech to help bridge the social divide. Although many industry players have expressed frustration with matchmaking apps in the past, technological advancements have born new software and algorithms on par with the latest matchmaking trends, bringing the right people together at the right time. Luckily, many of these apps also have great event integration. Let’s explore some of them:


Zenvoy allows you to create a blind-matching engine to connect guests. You start by making a customizable questionnaire for attendees—prioritizing the categories that are most relevant to your meeting purpose—and end up with a matchmaking algorithm tailored to your event.


Grip makes connections based on artificial intelligence. Attendees register with a social media account, and the app’s artificial intelligence engine then creates personalized matches for guests. The app is also intuitive, which means that as guests engage more on the app, Grip can make more precise and accurate matches based on real-time behavior.


Like Grip, Swapcard uses artificial intelligence for matchmaking. It lets planners set rules for pairing and allows for attendee-defined networking criteria, which it then uses to sort guests by matchmaking score. The more they interact with the app, the more data Swapcard has to help pair people.


Bizzabo shifts the focus away from data to building an online community that’s ripe for networking. It allows attendees to share information with other guests, see robust individual profiles and take advantage of private messaging and social integrations that turn in-app connections into real social ones.

Presdo Match

With Presdo Match, attendees connect their LinkedIn accounts to the app, and the app makes matchmaking recommendations based on shared interests relevant to your event. Because of the LinkedIn integration, it also shows which contacts from guests’ established social networks will be at the meeting so they can reconnect with people they know.