AR Is the New VR

Augmented reality for 2017

In the past year, you’ve probably seen quite a bit about virtual reality. From video gaming to movie-watching experiences and how you can incorporate VR into your meetings (we’ve talked about it here on Meetings Imagined!), it made its presence known in 2016. In the new year, we’ll still see plenty of instances of VR in meeting planners and gamers alike, but there’s another reality you should be aware of: augmented reality. AR, as it’s commonly known, is similar to VR, offering real-world views and experiences, but certain elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input: sound, sights and sensations. 

What’s wonderful about AR, much like VR, is that it can be incorporated into your meetings and events—particularly those with the purpose to Educate or Celebrate—in ways that will improve the outcome of your planning. Here are a few ways you can use it.

Learning by Experience

Instead of simply putting the information in front of your attendees, put them right in the middle of it. A custom AR app can give your audience an interactive experience, letting them really jump in and get hands-on learning. If they’re watching a presentation, supplement that with AR for a richer, more educational experience.

New Way to Network

Not only will AR make the networking process more efficient during a meeting or event, but it’ll make it more fun, too. With special nametags or cards for each guest, accessing information including contact numbers is as easy as the scan of a smartphone, while custom information created by each attendee can open a whole new world of getting to know each other. 

Hologram Technology (Sort of)

We haven’t quite reached Star Wars-level hologram technology yet, but the use of AR can help to project certain people into a user’s environment. Have a celebrity speaker who can’t make it to the live event? Project prerecorded performances through an AR app for an experience almost like the real thing. There are a wide number of examples where AR can be used, many of which can lessen the transportation costs of your meeting.

AR Remote Meetings

Speaking of lessening your costs, imagine if you could get everyone in one room without actually having to transport them all. With AR, remote meetings can be held without ever leaving the office or house—users’ faces (and even whole bodies) can be projected into your choice of environment.