The Best Travel Apps for Destination Meetings

Make the most of your event destination with these six apps

Hosting a meeting in a new destination? Don’t get lost on the way there. Download these six travel apps to leverage your next visit to a new city. 


Exploring a new destination requires a proper lay of the land, but different street laws and transit systems can make navigating around a foreign city, well, foreign. Enter Citymapper, an app that allows users to view maps and get directions with real-time transit departures and disruption alerts.

Traveling internationally without a phone plan? Like Citymapper, offers real-time transit information and directions—but doesn’t require phone data to access it. Just remember to download your city’s map while on Wi-Fi before venturing out into an internet-free zone.


One of the best parts of a new city: local eats. But with so many dining options, where should you eat? And what should you order? Take a bite out of your destination and find the latest hot spots with Eater, which provides dining reviews and recommendations based on your location. 

Trabee Pocket 

The less exciting part of destination meetings: travel expenses. Trabee Pocket allows users to create personalized budgets, track spending and, come the end of the trip, generate travel expense reports. 

Journeying outside of your home country? Save the mental math: The app also offers an exchange rate calculator to ensure that you’re sticking to your budget, no matter what currency you’re using. 


Between time changes and roaming charges, communicating long distance isn’t always easy, especially where international travel is concerned. In comes Viber, a call and messaging app that allows you to get in touch with anyone anywhere in the world for free. Simply log on to Wi-Fi, dial friends and loved ones and get in touch. 


Have a little downtime between sessions? With more than 700 million reviews across 8 million destinations, TripAdvisor has the know-how on the best activities and restaurants around, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re taking a break away from the event to explore and de-stress or scheduling an off-the-cuff networking event for attendees, TripAdvisor has suggestions for it all.