Bite-Sized, Big Impact

Bite-sized snack ideas for your meeting

You’re planning a daylong meeting, and you have the ideal lunch set up for guests—great start! But at some point, the snack attack will begin. It’s 3 p.m., they’re yawning, and in need of an energy boost. A good planner knows that a well-rounded snack can help nourish energy and creativity, so what to provide? Here are some ideas to keep those creators creating and those deciders deciding.  

Sandwiches Are Snacks, Too

What’s so special about this setup? Besides the (super important) selection of energizing dried fruits and nuts, it’s all about the sandwiches. These aren’t your mega-stacked club sandwiches served at lunch, though. Look for a crisp, snackable variation, with cheese or meat—or even fruit!  

Crudité Craze 

Making healthy snacks like these carrot, celery and cucumber sticks appear exciting is easy with a setup like this one. Guests can stock up on their veggies with a few delectable dips to match, plus an assortment of cheeses for their snack-size serving of dairy.  

Snack Station Destination

For those 3 p.m. nibbles, this station—stocked with popcorn, fruit-infused water and smoothies—is just what the hunger ordered. Give it a boost with some homemade granola or freshly squeezed juices for a mix of fun and fresh. 

Take Shots

Nope, we’re not talking the happy hour variety. For a quick and energizing snack idea, pick your favorite bite-sized nibbles and serve them in shot glasses. These are easy to grab and go, and offer just the right amount of energizing bites. Choose a few varieties for attendees to mix and match. 

Mini Bites

It’s not all dried fruit and nuts. Elevate snacktime with bites served fresh out of the oven, like these mini pizzas everyone would love. Also consider varieties typical of passed canapés: skewers, dumplings, sliders—the more bite-sized options, the better!